Automobile Accident Treatment

Remember that seeking care immediately after a collision may mean the difference between a quick recovery and a lifetime of pain.

It was Just a Fender Bender! Do I Need Chiropractic Care after an Automobile Accident?

Regardless of how slight an accident might be, the after effects of a vehicle collision can be debilitating. Pain may not surface immediately after an accident has occurred. Seeking an evaluation early and receiving ongoing care can prevent and treat any misalignments, muscle strains and dysfunction that arises. Our professional, family-oriented staff at Paxton Family Chiropractic know how to provide optimum care after even a minor collision.

Why Am I in Pain? It Has Been Months Since My Accident!

A collision of any kind involves the properties you learned in physics class. When an object in motion collides with a stationary object, significant force is the result. Consider you are the stationary object in the vehicle during an accident. The force resulting in the smallest collision is going to act upon the head, neck, spine and other areas of your body. Your muscles tense up and the overexertion can cause damage to muscles and misalignment of the vertebrae.

When damage occurs to muscles, tissues and ligaments, messages are sent through the nervous system telling the brain, “Something is wrong.” The result is pain. Sometimes this pain is a minor annoyance. However, sometimes this pain is excruciating, impacting a person’s ability to enjoy life and engage in well-loved activities.

How Do I Know I Need Help from a Chiropractor?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of whiplash or discogenic pain, an evaluation at our North Georgia Chiropractic Clinic can put you back on the road to wellness and pain-free living. Here are some things to look for after an auto accident:

  • Radiating pain in the neck
  • Shoulder pain or tightness
  • Inability to rotate the neck without pain
  • Positional pain when moving or twisting
  • Areas of achiness anywhere along the spine

Chiropractic care after an automobile accident can promote the body’s ability to heal itself. Without treatment, serious conditions like degenerative disc disease can erupt, causing ongoing back pain issues.

North Georgia Chiropractic Care

Our dedicated care team is committed to restoring you to functional health and wellness, so you can return to doing all the things you love with friends and family. At our office, you will complete paperwork and speak to one of our professional staff. No issue is too big or small. We want to develop a comprehensive care plan, specifically for you. X-rays and an examination will be conducted upon intake to gain an insight into what is causing you pain or discomfort. Ongoing adjustments and other treatments will be scheduled to address your issues and injuries. With each visit you will find improved mobility and overall health and wellness.

Restoration and Recovery after an Automobile Accident

You need not continue suffering with pain related to a collision. At Paxton Family Chiropractic, we know that if you thrive in health, you thrive in life. Let us help you put the pain of an automobile accident in the past. Our initial consultation is free. Call today to speak to one of our caring and compassionate staff members.

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